I am an animal lover and advocate. I do my best to promote animal welfare and to help in anyway I can. It is my passion and a calling that has been very strong ever since I was a child. I believe in giving a voice to the voice less and I am proud to use my artistic talents to give them a voice.

Over the years I introduce new animal charities to my art students and plan workshop fundraisers to raise awareness for the various causes. Here is a short list of charities I support.

  • Farm Sanctuary
  • Animal Place
  • Soi Dog Thailand
  • Duo Duo Project
  • Villalobos
  • Hearts United for Animals 
  • Save the Chimps
  • The Nonhuman Rights Projects 
  • Dolphin Project

Activism and Artwork

Banner for Save Japan Dolphin Day, September 1, 2014. This banner was displayed a in Taiji, Japan and San Francisco at Fisherman’s Wharf. Please see link below for more information.

Lunati’s artwork advocates social responsibility for the environment and its inhabitants. Protection of marine life and our precious oceans have been the hallmark of Lunati’s body of work. She continues her art of advocacy to speak out against the Taiji Dolphin slaughter and to end captivity of cetaceans. Lunati is honored to participate in Save Japan Dolphin Day, September 1, 2014. This art piece is dedicated to the dolphins of Taiji and worldwide.

Sentients Beings, Not Ours To Hunt and Exploit!

Digital image montage based on imagery from the following paintings: “Monolithic Intrusion” and “Avian Flu” paintings by Nalyne Lunati.

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Below, you can see previous fundraiser.

Soi Dog Fundraiser2

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